Nordens Ultimate | Joint Guard

Nordens Ultimate | Joint Guard

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Joint Guard utilizes cutting edge joint support technology that also assists with muscle recovery, to keep you moving the way you want to. It works against the compound actions that negatively affect joint health. Lithothamnium Calcareum has been extensively researched and scientifically proven to dramatically improve joint health, bone mass and reduce inflammation.


  • Relieves Acute and Chronic joint pain associated with exercise, Arthritis and Osteoporosis
  • Speeds up muscle recovery after intense resistance workout by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Triggers keratin and collagen production
  • Increases bone mass, density and durability
  • Nourishes synovial Joint tissue and synovial Joint fluid-Joint lubricator
  • Relieves cramp, inflammation and stiffness
  • Guards against cartilage breakdown
  • Protects ligaments and tendons
  • Alkalizes and detoxifies

Dosage and Directions

3 capsules per day, with or without food.

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