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What is Glow from Within?

Glow from Within is a Collagen Peptide. Collagen Peptides are easily digested and soluble in cold or hot liquids. (Unlike other collagen powders which contain gelatin and have a more glue-like, sticky texture and are insoluble in cold water)

  • 1 simple ingredient – gluten free, dairy free, sugar & artificial flavourant free, preservative free, paleo friendly, halaal (please see certification details further down).
  • 7% (3.3% oxygen and hydrogen) pure collagen protein – clean, tasteless, and dissolves & absorbs quickly.

Who should use collagen supplements?

  • If you suffer from digestive issues (IBS, leaky gut, constipation, diarrhoea etc.) collagen can work wonders for healing your gut.
  • If you suffer from joint pain (I.e rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoporosis or another auto immune or inflammatory disorder).
  • If you are an athlete, supplementing with collagen can help tremendously with recovery as well as inflammation of joints etc.
  • Collagen can also be helpful for anyone with inflammatory conditions, like eczema and acne (it also helps fade acne scars)
  • Collagen can help with temporary inflammation, like wounds and ligament and muscle damage to heal faster.
  • If you are ageing, collagen can help prevent wrinkles, plump lips and tighten skin.
  • If you want to lose weight, collagen can help boost your metabolism, and get rid of cellulite.
  • If you have thin hair that is often brittle; or weak nails, collagen can help your hair and nails grow faster, thicker and more beautiful.
  • If you have hormonal imbalances, like PCOS, emerging research shows that collagen can help support the body’s natural hormone production.
  • Collagen also benefits children through the growth phase of life by supporting connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, cartilage) and bones.

Motherkind Halaal Certification

Motherkind Collagen products have been certified as Halaal by the Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust.

Is collagen vegetarian?

Motherkind Collagen is made from connective tissue, cartilage or skin. Collagen is not found in plants. It is therefore not vegetarian.

Should I take Motherkind Glow from Within or Bodygold or both?

These two products are not the same. Although both have pure hydrolyzed collagen (bovine) as a base ingredient, there is a difference in the peptide strand.

The peptides in Bodygold target the muscle matrix in isolation, which increases your ability to build lean muscle and burn fat. 

On the other hand, the peptides in Glow from Within are not targeted which means they are for general health and wellness (skin, hair, nails, energy).

So the decision on which to take will depend on what your goals are.

Do I need to take a Vitamin C supplement with the collagen?

It is often assumed that Vitamin C is required for proper absorption of collagen. The truth is that you should have enough Vitamin C from an adequate whole foods diet. Therefore there should not be a need to add a supplement. 

In addition, the peptides are hydrolyzed for maximum bio-availability so they are absorbed very well through the intestinal tract.

However, if you have a Vitamin C deficiency, we recommend the Nordens Ultimate Liposomal Vitamin C. This offers maximum absorption and in addition is an effective immune booster.


Can I take all the JSHealth vitamins each day?

Please consult with your GP prior to taking any JSHealth vitamins. It is best to be directed by a healthcare professional. 

Hair + Energy: Take 1 daily with breakfast.

Detox + Debloat: Take 2 daily. 1 with breakfast and 1 with lunch or dinner.

Skin + Digestion: Take 2 daily. 1 with breakfast and 1 with dinner.

When should I start to notice results on the JSHealth vitamins?

  • Hair + Energy: most people start to see results in 3-6 weeks.
  • Detox + Debloat: results are seen in 2-4 weeks.
  • Skin + Digestion: results are seen in 2-4 weeks.

Are JSHealth vitamins safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

You will need to consult your medical professional if you intend to take any supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Are the JSHealth vitamins vegan-friendly and Halaal?

JSHealth vitamins are all 100% vegan but there is no formal Halaal certification available. The vitamins are also gluten free. 


Are the Norden's products natural?

The Nordens range of products offered in our store are natural. It offers natural solutions for an array of health issues.


Can I take BALANCE while on a contraception pill or the Mirena (IUD) 

Yes you can. BALANCE is not a hormone itself, it is a combination of natural ingredients that will harmonise our hormonal symptoms. 

Will BALANCE help me regulate my periods? 

Yes. BALANCE will help regulate your period cycle, it will assist with minimise excessive bleeding and will help bring back missing periods. 

I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) , will this help? 

One of the main purposes of BALANCE is to help heal PCOS.

I get pain when I ovulate and I have Endometriosis, will BALANCE help? 

Yes, we have helped thousands of women with Endometriosis

I am trying to conceive, will BALANCE help?

We have many women that have managed to fall pregnant with the help of BALANCE. This formulation is very nourishing on your ovaries and will help with fertility. 

Can I take BALANCE while pregnant or breast-feeding?

We dot recommend this during pregnancy. We do have women taking BALANCE while breastfeeding, but we recommend that you consult your GP on this. 

I have Hirsutism and hair growing on my chin, face and in unwanted places. How will BALANCE help me? 

Excess hair growth is caused by excess hormones called androgens. BALANCE will help regulate your hormones and bring down your androgen levels, which will minimise your hair growth symptoms.

    Is BLOAT completely safe? 

    The ingredients in BLOAT have been verified by hundreds of years of research and, in some cases, over 2000 years of use. They are considered very safe, with minimal known side effects, and are all natural premium quality.

    How long before I feel any effect?

    Some instantly, but at least It works in under an hour!

    Where is BLOAT made?

    BLOAT is a proudly South African product, developed in conjunction with South
    African naturopaths & scientists, and specifically formulated for the needs of South African women.

    Can you use this product and BALANCE together?

    Absolutely. BALANCE is a daily essential, whereas BLOAT can be used as and when it’s needed. It works within an hour.