Gift Box | Winter Warmer

Gift Box | Winter Warmer

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What’s in the August box?

Supporting local brands

1 x 250 g MIES Body Espresso Coffee Scrub

Caffeine boost for the skin, improves the appearance of cellulite, increases blood flow and circulation, reduces inflammation,  is anti-inflammatory, improves texture of the skin and reduces puffiness.

1 x MIES Cuticle Drench 

It's all in the name! This is an excellent bedside companion that focuses on healing dry, damaged and torn cuticles. 

1x Lanolab Skin Repair Cream

Lanolab is a skin repair cream that has a variety of different uses. It can be used on minor burns, can assist with chafing, saddle sores and can even be used to treat nappy rash. It is also organic and fragrance free.

1 x 60g Slab Honest Chocolate Slab**

Just two certified organic ingredients and no cane sugar. Simple ingredients, complex flavours. Very rich and deep flavours. This one's a bit addictive!

1 x Lashes Mug

Made from Bamboo – enjoy your favourite beverage in this funky mug

2 x Sachets Winston and Julia Hot Chocolate**

Rich Drinking Chocolate – just add hot water for a delicious cup of hot chocolate

1 x MudMask Zeolite Clay Mask

Zeolite clay is a natural mineral clay with potent detoxing properties. MudMask Zeolite Clay is designed to be blended with MudMask oils, to create a cleansing facial mask that will draw out impurities and leave your skin refreshed

1 x Vanilla Scented Candle

**Flavours may vary based on stock availability