Lanolab | Skin Repair Cream

Lanolab | Skin Repair Cream

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Lanolab is a skin repair cream that has a variety of different uses. It can be used on minor burns, can assist with chafing, saddle sores and can even be used to treat nappy rash. It is also organic and fragrance free.


  • Soothing and healing dry and chapped lips caused by extreme weather conditions
  • Reduced inflammation and soothing solution for sun burnt skin
  • Soothes saddle sores, gravel rash, post-run and surf chafing
  • Shapes eyebrows, taming fly-aways. Soothes any redness after waxing and preps lips to give a natural glow
  • Effective in tackling and nourishing cracked heels
  • First aid for minor burns, cuts and grazes, skin irritations
  • Softens rough and calloused hands from dry winter conditions or gym
  • Heals chapped / dry cuticles. Protects and nourishes dry skin
  • Soothes nappy rash and sore cracked nipples


  • Lanolin: Lanolin is an excellent moisturizer as it is highly emollient and so it cushions and plumps the skin. The oils in lanolin are almost identical to ours which allows the skin to function and breathe naturally without clogging your the pores. Lanolin is the oil that is extracted from sheared wool. It’s a 100% naturally derived product. 
  • Papain Enzyme: This is a highly beneficial compound found in the leaves and fruit of the papaya. Papain is an enzyme which means it helps drive reactions in your body. Here are five other powerful benefits of papaya and papain: 
    • Helps exfoliate and hydrate the skin
    • Heal and soothe minor burns and wounds
    • Antioxidant with proteins for smooth and soft skin
    • Vitamin A and C which have anti inflammatory properties and assist in reducing skin inflammation
    • Speeds up the healing process for cuts and minor rashes
  • All ingredients are naturally certified with no additives.